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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Milking the Void

More Funner Projects presents Milking the Void, an opportunity for artists from around the world to show their work in our gallery in Miami, Florida USA.  The show is only open to artists not from Miami, the only catch, we must receive the work by September 10th 2011.  Milking the Void will run until October 5th, upon which all the work will become a part of the Rubell Family Collection for ever more.
Mail work to:
More Funner Projects
USAquestions: morefunnerprojects@gmail.com

Monday, August 8, 2011

Chinese Bootleg Mexican Hyphy Store now open


New installation by Greg Shimada
Curated by Alberto Cuadros

For his first solo exhibition, Shimada explores the post-politically correct pop culture subconscious, as he recreates the ever prevalent bay area "hyphy store". Hyphy, a now bygone hip hop trend centered in the bay area, and reaching it's peak in the middle 2000 otts, has become the point of departure for Shimada's study into the degradation of popular culture and trends. The Chinese Bootleg Mexican Hyphy Store is where Hyphy went to die, yet the bold and often absurd modalities projected by the shop itself through clothing and amateurish advertisement leave tremors of a once hugely popular trend now only left available to a dubious audience and made possible by even more ambiguous demographic of shop owners.